Next new project - Prospex Islington

The Prospex team will be transforming a Land Rover into an off-roader!

Prospex land rover

Prospex will be hosting their 10th MecaniX course and to celebrate, they are going all in with a Land Rover! The team will be transforming a 2002 Discovery into an off-roader. This will involve fitting specialist equipment and preparing the car for off road use.

The team got their hands on the car on 4th April for a once over, and the work will begin in earnest on 23rd April.

We can't wait to see how the car turns out and how it performs off road! Congratulations to Prospex on achieving this milestone.

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We are very excited to be launching the MechaniX project countrywide!

Having trialled the MechaniX project over the last couple of years, we are delighted that Prospex will be undertaking the first project of the scheme.

The second project hosted in Dibden Purlieu in Hampshire finished recently, followed by an award ceremony at Beaulieu Motor Museum on the 7th February.